Saturday, 5 August 2017

A BATREP but not as we know it

I GOT MY FIRST GAMES! Right, hmm, sorry about that!

So today's update isn't a full BATREP. Mainly because me and Jay got a little too excitable and kinda played without writing anything down. However I can share with you all some musings if you'll listen to me ramble!

So, where to start. Jay's CoA: why oh why are people not happy about the particle accelerator. It's like a giant boat SHOTGUN! Holy cow that thing stings. And in the second game he had two. TWO! Wave lurking is a pain in the butt too, and they seem to be great at hunting submarines. Overall, such a great faction, couldn't really see any problems.

My KoB: oh my life I love my lil Lord Hood, I need another! Both games it put out a tonne of hurt, which meant it quickly found its way to the top of Jay's "gotta kill" list! 100% model of the match both times. Ruler battleship however: what a boat load of poo. Vastly unimpressed with this, but not as much as the Vengeance. The Ruler has nothing going for it. No MARs, no cool ammo. It can't swap its shield. Nothing. And with a DR of 6, your opponent will plink it to death, quickly eroding any worth. The Vengeance however... although the torps have a good AD value, and a good range on the target painter, all it takes is some chaos and disarray and suddenly this 150 ship has NO guns. At all.

Over all though, I'm enjoying playing with this fleet, I'm looking forward to more games and more opponents!

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!


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