Saturday, 5 August 2017

A BATREP but not as we know it

I GOT MY FIRST GAMES! Right, hmm, sorry about that!

So today's update isn't a full BATREP. Mainly because me and Jay got a little too excitable and kinda played without writing anything down. However I can share with you all some musings if you'll listen to me ramble!

So, where to start. Jay's CoA: why oh why are people not happy about the particle accelerator. It's like a giant boat SHOTGUN! Holy cow that thing stings. And in the second game he had two. TWO! Wave lurking is a pain in the butt too, and they seem to be great at hunting submarines. Overall, such a great faction, couldn't really see any problems.

My KoB: oh my life I love my lil Lord Hood, I need another! Both games it put out a tonne of hurt, which meant it quickly found its way to the top of Jay's "gotta kill" list! 100% model of the match both times. Ruler battleship however: what a boat load of poo. Vastly unimpressed with this, but not as much as the Vengeance. The Ruler has nothing going for it. No MARs, no cool ammo. It can't swap its shield. Nothing. And with a DR of 6, your opponent will plink it to death, quickly eroding any worth. The Vengeance however... although the torps have a good AD value, and a good range on the target painter, all it takes is some chaos and disarray and suddenly this 150 ship has NO guns. At all.

Over all though, I'm enjoying playing with this fleet, I'm looking forward to more games and more opponents!

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Trains, cheat sheets and 1k fleets!

Well I thought I'd give you a new blog entry today, and its a big one! I've got a couple of cards that I've printed off to hopefully make 2.5 games easier, and I've got my 1k KoB fleet that I painted in a self challenge! So, lets get started :)

I'll start with the cards. First up is the critical hit table, a screen shot done on my iPad that came out a weirdly good size!
As you can see by the inch ruler at the top, and one of the other cards to the side which is credit card sized, its still readable yet fits in the palm of the hand.

Next up are the commodore cards. Now initially I had a few issues with these, I had to trim the card down considerably. They were designed by Farcages on the community site

initially I printed off the UK spec ones, but I messed up whilst trimming a few down. So I reprinted, and accidentally did US spec! But they were a better size for the credit cards, so I rolled with it!

I think you'll all agree that they are pretty swish, and I think they'll have a permanent place in my battle bag. Link for the thread is:

Lastly are the pictures from my self imposed challenge. I gave myself a week to paint a 1k fleet. Now for me a week isn't 7 days. This challenge was more like Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening! The fleet was looking like this when I started:
Not great. Only one painted ship and a couple of undercoated ones. However, I threw myself into it, with end of day one looking like this:

I was doing ok! I had 7 attacker frigates unsprayed, but I had made a hefty dent in the workload. Day two went well too:
But I finished earlier than originally planned, as I was pretty shattered. Day three saw the challenge complete! I don't think I've ever got that many models painted that quick, and they look good by any normal standard:
I'm not sure I like how the numbers have turned out, I'm considering revisiting them. But for now I'm pretty damned chuffed!

Next week will see me adding to Dan's RC, adding to the KoB and hopefully the fabled first game of 2.5!!

The horizon looks good folks!


Monday, 24 July 2017

Just a little one...

Just a quick update, to let you know to keep an eye on the blog Wednesday evening, around 2300 GMT. I set myself a painting challenge: to paint 1k of my Kingdom of Britannia for a game on Thursday, and it's going well! The list is:

Ruler - already painted
Regent - bare resin
SAW - bare resin

Lord Hood - bare resin
Tribal sqn - 1 undercoated, 2 stripped of paint

Attacker sqn - 1 undercoated, 3 stripped of paint
Attacker sqn - 4 stripped of paint
Swift sqn - 4 bare resin

I'll post pictures Wednesday...

edit: the game got axed, so I gave myself the week... see the next post for details!

Friday, 21 July 2017

The Overdue Post

Life, it really can suck! Work has been well and truly a pain in the proverbial butt!

So this overdue post will be a little one, with the hope of getting a BATREP or two coming along thursday next week with any luck.

Though recently the Frome shipyards have been a little silent, before my work break I managed to get a 1k list finished for the Russian Coalition
Still need to work out how to do some decent pictures with better lighting, but these will do for now.

However I do want to show off a very good friends Penguins. His Covenant of Antarctica force is coming together nicely, and I can't wait to see them a. finished painting and b. sink! Jay has always managed to produce great results VERY fast.

I hope to get this blog back and running over the next few weeks, and I'm sorry for the absence!

Show me that horizon!


Saturday, 27 May 2017

the Board, Plus More

Okay so it's been a short while since I posted an entry with pictures, and for that I apologise. Things have a bad habit of getting in the way recently, from an ill wife to sick kids and work problems to boot... Anyway, excuses out the way, here's what I've been up to over the last few weeks. I acquired an old Kingdom of Britannia naval battle group and some other bits to beef out my Royal New Zealand fleet. This will be a heavily themed fleet, with the premise being that a battle group has been "left" with a New Zealand admiral to begin operations with full autonomy.

I also managed to get Dan's fleet carrier painted, which turned out pretty good! I got the board done, with some scatter terrain to use too. I'm looking forward to getting a game of 2.5 on it and getting the video blog started too!

Hoping to get the weekly blog update going properly again, stay tuned!

Friday, 12 May 2017

It Lives!

A micro update, at least until tomorrow eve. The last week has been spent predominantly on getting my gaming board worthy. The boards themselves need two or three more varnish coats, but it's playable on. The scatter terrain is mid flow, hence no pictures. Expect a picture heavy post VERY soon! Also, the Grand Fleet YouTube is set up, once 2.5 lands expect an unboxing and other things.

Show me that horizon :D

Monday, 1 May 2017

Why not, eh!

After a pretty productive day, me and Dan had a chance of getting a quick 500 point game in. What better way to christen the two boards! Another couple of layers of varnish and they'll be truly finished, so I've decided I'll post pictures of them at that point.

Again the game was played at 500 points with the minor game adjustments: no larges, no TAC, no local air. Dan decided to try a hard hitting fleet: 2 Suvorov, 3 Chany, 4 Novgorod, 2 Rostov. A large chunk of pack tactics there which HURT, combined with hunter surface meant I was in trouble! For the FSA I put the Annapolis, 2 Princetons, 3 Augusta and 3 Guilford down.

The game started with some early good hits for me, and Dan doing a crit on the Annapolis. However turn two saw the Chany squadron open up. A double crit. I could have sobbed... thankfully the rest of my small fleet were doing ok, and a Chany and a couple of smalls sunk too. Turn three was just plain vicious, though the highlight was Dan sleepily getting over zealous with his movement to enable a broadside that resulted in a Suvorov (his fleet captain no less!) colliding with an island! With us both sitting on 350 points, which would've resulted in a draw, we decided to play turn 4. Dan had a Suvorov with 2HP left, and I had 3 unharmed Guilford. The winner was the guy with boats left. Dan wins the role off and pounds a Guilford to the depths. All I had to do was crit his captain... which I did! I'd tabled Dan for the first time EVER.

A great game that swung backwards and forwards between us, with a lot of carnage :)

Well done for a good game as always bud, but now I'm leading 6-4 on the cusp of 2.5! Happy Kev

Stay tuned peeps